Where is your head or heart?

Are you focused on YOU? or the TEAM?

This is the culture we are going to CREATE!!

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Update Call Sunday


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Playback Number: (218) 339-2599
Access Code: 877481#

Reference #7 – Private team call with Casey Minshew and Steve Little from WowWe  - They Answered a lot of questions! Right to the Point – Must listen!

Reference #10 – TEAM Update call on the VPak Fulfillment by TeamVinh and the Partnership between TeamVinh and WowWe.

Guru James Holmes Introduces TeamVinh & WowWe Partnership! Amazing!!

Listen to the most powerful explanation of…Who Is TeamVinh by Internet Guru James Holmes and the amazing power of this REVOLUTIONARY partnership and SYSTEM that is changing the MLM Industry!!

Brand New Program – Abolish MLM Failure… Forever!

Powered by the largest Internet Guru’s and MLM Professionals…

Mike G
Jane Mark
Thomas Heckman
James Holmes

And more…

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Webinars Changed to Tuesday Night

Check out the Webinar Schedule – Moved Opportunity Webinar to Tuesday nights!